Gandhi Jayanti - International Day of Non Violence or stamp collectors CHEATERS day.!!

Tomorrow is Mahatma Gandhi 145th Birthday. In India it is celebrated as "Gandhi Jayanti" and whole World referred October 2nd as The International Day of Non-Violence as per United Nations.

But BEWARE of CHEATING on this date from Gandhi Stamp Collectors/Dealers because it's very easy to make money by creating rubber stamp and call it as a special cancellation from unique city.

In past I EXPOSED this activity by writing following blog post, but this again to remind others who don't know.!!

FAKE Gandhi postmark cancel from Germany on 2nd October 2009 ???

Beware it's October 2nd.!!

In 2009 some Gandhi stamp collector decided to create rubber stamp and called it as Special Cancellation on October 2nd .

It was not approved by Postal Department of Germany or it was not authorized to used Emblem of India on rubber stamp by Indian Embassy in Germany (so it's punishable by law).

Following is the crown jewel of FAKE or BOGUS special cancellation issued on Gandhi Jayanti.!!

99% of Winnenden or Schwaikheim, Germany people might have not idea about Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday.!!

Not sure Barton Hoti or Carola Franzspock or Andrea Helsch really got this cover with special cancellation? (Identity theft or Bogus!)

Looks like same person(hand writing) is sending it to different names and address.!!

It's still available for $60 on eBay.!! Click following link to see it.!!


It's easy to cheat by doing following and still create a big splash in stamp world.!!
  • Inform your philatelic friends and authors of various philatelic weekly news letter or philatelic magazine about upcoming special cancellation.
  • Create BOGUS philatelic material with rubber stamps on varieties of envelopes.
  • Send some of them your philatelic friends and also to authors of blogs, website, newsletter etc.
  • Now some of the philatelic friends will display this in their stamp exhibit and might win medals.!
  • Now start selling it on eBay with different id.
  • Shill bidding to increase price
  • Sell it at Fix price auction.
Don't you think it's simple. 

Yes this was applied in 2009 Germany Winnenden special cancellation issued on October 2nd to celebrate Non -Violence day were there was High School shooting/massacare happens were 26 people died.

No shame to make money.!!
  • In 2009 during September/October time frame I read in weekly newsletter from India that Germany is issuing Special cancellation on  Mahatma Gandhi's birthday 2nd October to celebrate Non Violence Day.
  • Some of the my philatelic friends(not any more) got this special cancellation cover to their address.!
  • Some of the famous stamp collectors(philatelists) won medal with this BOGUS special cancellation.
  • It started selling on eBay (seller from India) at $100.
  • Some of them were also bought at that price.(FAKE buying, to show others!!)
As a new comer in stamp collection I thought this is insane and crazy. So I decided to dig more and found out that more by contacting various German official and  local philatelic club members through email and all of them reply that this is BOGUS.

  • It's not officially issued by Germany Postal department 
  • None of the stamp collectors in Winnenden knew about this. ( I contacted local philatelic society)
  • Even local famous Gandhi Collectors don't know about this special cancellation even though address on this BOGUS cancellation on the covers were next to them.!!
It's plain and simple.!!

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