Story Behind the most popular stamp issue of Independent India.

 We know how stamps are glorified by glorification in various Handbooks, Stamp exhibition, Philatelic Magazine and by stamp broker who will convince as Alternate investment.

But no one will let you know TRUTH about what is going in collection hobby as it will impact themselves.

Stamp Hobby is declining I never seen before. There are virtually no buyers for your stamp if you try to sell it and this is the case for Gandhi stamps also.

Recently I saw Gibbons stamp Monthly magazine also glorified this  1948 Gandhi stamps of India.

But my personal opinion about this stamp is

  • Most BOGUS (never exist) philatelic material of this stamp with various overprint, rubber stamps as special cancellation, register cover, used cover, FDC etc.
  • Forgery of this stamps are available in plenty.
  • SHILL bidding or FAKE bidding (buyer don't pay to seller) is more than any stamp on eBay or Delcampe auction to increase price.
  • All Philatelic Handbooks, Year Books, Stamp Exhibit, stamp websites etc is glorifying stamp for their personal benefit instead of telling TRUTH to collectors.

Not sure what Gibbons Stamp Monthly magazine is writing about "Story Behind the most popular stamp issue of Independent India."

It will be interesting to see whether they are EXPOSING all FAKE, Forgeries and BOGUS Gandhi Stamps and Philatelic material.!!

Following are some of the BOGUS (NEVER EXIST) material of the most popular stamp issue of Independent India.

1) SPECIMEN stamp in leather folder. ( Emblem of India was used 2+ years in advance before it was declared as EMBLEM.!)


2) OVERPRINT "SERVICE" is BOGUS. It was never printed or approved by Government of India.


To me all OVERPRINT stamps are BOGUS. It was created for FORGERY.!!

So any SPECIMEN or SERVICE overprint is nothing but to makes MONEY.!!

3) Even 10 Rupees SERVICE stamp is BOGUS. It never exist but still sells for $200000.!!


4)  O.H.M.S cover and Piece of Paper. (Looks like Governor General was thinking himself as KING.!!)


5) 1948 Gandhi FDC are nothing but BOGUS except Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Madras. All smaller cities ( Kanpur, Lucknow, Pondicherry etc) cancellation are made to make it unique.

It's a BIGGEST SCAM in stamp collection history.!


Above are the some of most BOGUS philatelic issued in stamp collection history.!!

All you see on eBay or Delcampe for Gandhi philately is nothing but FORGERY.

There are more than 500 Gandhi philately items are bogus which I saw on eBay in last 5 years but this are widely glorified in Handbooks and Stamp exhibit.

So BEWARE about the most popular stamp issue of Independent India.

This used most popular stamp issue of Independent India is currently selling under $2 (pair of 2) so does it make sense to collect.!!

Also FORGERY are available widely or ONLY forgery are available which are sold as genuine.!!

Following is forgery stamp. You will not notice if seller don't tell you.

Now following stamps are selling for $5250 and $1400 as genuine.

My personal opinion is that both are FORGERY which are sold as genuine. 

No one had that kind of money in 1948 to invest in block of 4 stamps which were very expensive.

So now you have to decide what is "Story Behind the most popular stamp issue of Independent India."

Gandhi Stamps Club.

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