Gandhi Handbook - A review of stamp collecting handbook

Gandhi Handbook is one of the place where collectors and judges will look to find more info.

But do you know this Gandhi Handbook has lot of incorrect information.

Not only incorrect information but lot of FAKE or BOGUS philatelic material as well as imperforated stamps information is there.

It will be very hard to find out what is genuine!!

Most BOGUS/FAKE (never exist) info is about 1948 Gandhi stamps and philatelic materials.

Recently this Gandhi Hand Book was sold for $18 at eBay India site (ebay.in). 

All philatelic material in this book was provided by  Gandhi stamps collector.!!!

So lot of FAKE/BOGUS material which was never issued by official government is printed in it.

So BEWARE when you look at this Gandhi stamp handbook.

If you are philatelic Judge don't use this book as reference otherwise you are putting your credit at risk.!!

If you are issuing Expert Certificate on philatelic material don't use this book as reference.

If you are collector please avoid this as reference to collect RARE, UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND or only 100 printed.!!


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