Gandhi Mourning cover - 1948 stamps of India

Gandhi Mourning cover to England was sold for $3933 by ebay seller olefredrik1943 from Norway.

Do you really think this was sold for $3933.!!

Reason for doubt is that in Gandhi stamp collection there is lot of 
  • Forgery
  • Bogus (never exist)
  • Shill Bidding (by seller other id or friends or relatives bidding)
  • FAKE bidding by other collectors.

Now looking to this price I am not sure some is willing to pay $4000 for this cover which is not even officially issued by government.  It is private FDC which can be forged easily anytime.

Also now let's see if this was sold for $3933 so following needs to get money from buyer.
  • ebay commission
  • Paypal fees
  • VAT or GST to government.
  • Capital Gain tax on collectibles.
  • Income tax paid in Norway

Do you think anyone of the above got money from this Gandhi Mourning Cover ?

My personal opinion is that this cover is not have any value in Gandhi stamp collection.

This is just marketed by combined effort of Gandhi stamp exhibitors and Gandhi Handbook.

I will not even pay $50 for this as chances of authentic is very less as no one knows what happen in 1948.

It is just what you read from Gandhi Handbook or Gandhi stamp exhibition online.

So BEWARE before you invest in stamps.!!

It's just a piece of paper and no one collects it now.



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