Anglo-Indian-Affairs sold India EDVII 1909 SG147 25r stamps.

In past I wrote about King Edward 1909 stamp from India with 25 Rupees face value.

This King Edward 1909 stamp is available in plenty as REPRINT stamp from X-soviet union countries under $5.

What are chances of this stamp selling as Genuine.!!

Also consider 25 Rupees was lot of money in 1909 for any Indian people and to keep it in Mint condition for 100+ years in good condition is very rare unless you are from King's/Queen family.

In past REPLICA stamps were sold for $8-9. Don't you think it's easy to sell it for $1600 by SHILL BIDDING.!!

Click following link to read more about Replica stamp of King Edward stamp.

Recently India EDVII stamp issued in 1909 with (Stanley Gibbons # 147) SG147 of 25 Rupees stamp was sold for $1600.!!

Now did Ango-Indian_Affairs really sold this stamp ?

      * might not got money from buyer after winning it.!! (ebay will give refund to commission to seller)

Did it really sold ?

     * Did eBay got commission ?

Did UK government got tax ?

     * If it is sold then UK government should get TAX as capital gain tax.

Did UK government got VAT ?

     * If it is sold then UK government should get VAT.

My personal opinion(freedom of speech) about this transaction is

  • It's a Replica stamp
  • It was not sold for $1600 even you can see it on eBay.
  • No commission to eBay
  • No payment made. (Paypal did not get any commission).
  • No Capital Gain Tax to UK government.
  • No VAT paid.
What is your opinion ? 


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