British India Stamps King Edward stamps from eBay seller anglo-indian-affairs

Recently I saw British India stamp of King Edward sold for $2100 with 40 bids on this auction. This was sold by "anglo-indian-affairs" from United Kingdom.

This is not first time I am seeing this stamp selling in Mint condition which is . more than 109 years old but still comes in lot of quantity.

According to my knowledge there has been more than 30 stamps of King Edward 1909 stamp  were sold by this seller in last 5 years.!!

But I had also seen forgery stamps also selling by seller from Russia or Taiwan for under $5.!!! It's very hard to differentiate between this stamps sold for $1000+ or $5.!!

Looks like eBay is making lot of commission from UK eBay seller "anglo-indian-affairs"

I did more research on British India stamps sold by "anglo-indian-affairs" and I was surprised by amount of money flowing in British India stamps.!!

Can't believe it's REAL.!!!

In last 3 months only "anglo-indian-affairs" has sold more than 2600+ stamps or stamps related material which are with mostly British India stamps.

After looking 2600+ stamp selling from just one eBay seller " anglo-indian-affairs" Do you think stamp collection is still a hobby?

Lot of money for UK and Euro from GST.!!

But some of them to me looks like FORGERY.!! Yes Forgery as you know almost all British India stamp is forged specially high amount value (25 Rupees stamp) and others.

Look at India 1909 King Edward stamp sold for $2172. You can see my previous blog post about this stamp and you decide what's going on King Edward stamp.!!

Now do you think all this 2500+ eBay transaction are GENUINE.!!

I am not talking about GENUINE stamp. I am just talking about eBay Auction Transaction.?

Did all 2500+ transaction was genuine where seller paid all his dues to eBay, PayPal, UK or Euro GST and paid all Capital Gain Tax as per UK tax rules.

If it is paid then it's good for eBay shareholders as well as PayPal (Disclosure : I am paypal shareholder) and UK government got lot of money from GST.!!

14000+ US dollar only from 13-14 auction only.!! Want to check all 2600+ ebay auction sold by anglo-indian-affairs then click following link.

So what do you think ?

Is 2600+ eBay transactions are genuine ?

Is British India stamps are in demands.!! ?

If you see above screenshot it looks like there were multiple bids on each of the stamps which were sold.?

Do you think there is SHILL bidding on this ?

Following is FORGERY selling under $10.

Do you think there will be better quality of this FORGERY stamp selling ?


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