How to make money on eBay - Selling stamps

Recently I saw 1948 Gandhi FDC sold for $1700 by eBay seller "peter_se26" based in UK since 2002.

Item is located in Spain.!!

There were 44 bids on this Gandhi FDC.

Do you think stamp collection is this much popular in this modern age where no one collects anything because of lot of other things to do such as facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat/youtube, surfing internet on mobile phone and more.

But there were 11 bidders who were interested in this stamp collection.!!

Do you think eBay got commission on this transaction ?

What are chances of

  • buyer might have not paid to seller.
Do you think this is really worth $1700 ?

What are chances of

    • FAKE bidding by other stamp collect to increase price ?
    • Shill bidding by friends, relatives ?
    • Shill bidding by seller by opening another eBay id ?

    All are the possibilities when you sell on eBay so you cannot decide pricing based on selling price and you can't think that stamps are good investment.!!

    Also do you think all government taxes like VAT/capital tax/income & local taxes etc are/will be paid for this eBay selling.?

    So BEWARE of stamp collection.

    There is lot of cheating going in stamp collection to show that there is lot of interest in it. Also lot of Forgery and BOGUS stamps related items are selling.


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