Stamp Expertising Certificate - Penny Black - Queen Victoria stamps - Forgery stamps selling as Genuine ?

The Penny Black is Queen Victoria stamp was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It first was issued in Great Britain on 1 May 1840, for official use from 6 May of that year.

Look at following stamps and can you make any difference. One is forgery and other is genuine.

Genuine might be forgery also.!!

It's very hard to make difference because it's easy to print the stamps in some eastern European countries.!!

One was sold for $7000 and one is selling for $6.!!

Following are Forgery stamps which as sold for $5-6 as replica stamps or facsimile stamps. Now you just buy it and you can  start selling as genuine.!!

To make it more genuine start SHILL bidding.!! (Create another id and bid on it.!!)

Shill bidding will also increase price and # of bidders and # of bids so new collectors who are not aware of this tricks or technique will think it's really worth it to invest in stamps as lot of bidders are bidding it.!!

If SHILL bidding win auction then seller will open case with ebay to avoid to pay commission.

So what do you think selling above Replica stamps (Forgery stamps) as GENUINE and make lot of money !!

Don't you think you can sell it for $7000 like following and make money on this kind of replica stamps.

Click following link to read more about that $7000 selling of Penny Black.


But you can still make lot of money if you can come up with Expertising Certificate.

It's not that hard to make one.

i.e. print one with any name and address.

There is no expertising of expertization certificate!!

I created one for myself for BOGUS (never existed) philatelic material and declare it as GENUINE.!!

Click to read how to get Stamp Expertising Certificate.


Want to know how much you can make with Experitization Certificate then see following images.

You will be surprised .!!

Penny Black stamp philatelic material selling from $127000, $92000,  $67000 with BPA Expert Certificate.!!

BPA Expert Certificate are same like USPA Expert Certificate.!!

Let me make sure any one can print stamp EXPERT Certificate. You don't need to forged, Just print it and fill the details.

Even stamp Expert Certificate are forged or printed with some famous stamp expert society.!!

Following are two stamp expertization certificate which were FORGED by using photoshop and remove the original content of The Royal Philatelic Society Expert committe issued certificate and reused it for BOGUS special cancellation for Round Table Conference and Gandhi SERVICE stamp from India which never issued.

I think Expert Certificate is best way to make any BOGUS stamps or philatelic material as GENUINE.!!

Same way I did with Germany 2009 Special Cancellation philatelic material.!!

So can you make some money by selling Penny Black.!!

But make sure you still have to pay Capital Gain Tax, Sales Tax, VAT etc even though forgery stamps are sold as genuine because government cares about gain on selling price.!!!


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