Rare China stamps value - Do you think China stamps price makes sense ?

Recently I saw China stamps and Philatelic used letters, postcards were sold from $15000 - $3000.

Following are 28 Rare China stamps sold for $100,000.!!!

If you see this then you will believe China stamps are hot for investment.!!

Lot of money for eBay Shareholders.!!! ( They will get $10000+ just in commission from eBay and PayPal.!!), if this are genuine transaction where buyer pay to seller or seller don't cancel the bid !!

I see similarities between stamps from INDIA and CHINA specially when I compared with Gandhi stamps.!!

One eBay buyer "hitlerandgandhi" paid $25000 for 6-7 Gandhi stamps auction in 30 days and did not paid to seller.!! (click following link to read more) and did not even paid.!!

If you don't know reality how this stamps price are increased then you will believe it.

But let me tell your some insight about how stamps are sold in any auction whether it's online or in person or it's buy it now or best offer.

Glorification is done either by (which is nothing but to INCREASE price)

1) Shill Bidding and increasing price and make others think it's really valuable.!!
2) Not paying to seller after bidding very high so again you think about valuable.
3) Second Chance offer, you will be happy that you got it!!.
4) Forgery material are sold as if Genuine.
5) Bogus (Never exist) material are glorified by exhibiting it.
6) False propaganda or hype or speculation about Gandhi stamps.

Shill Bidding : This is where a seller will place an item up for auction. If they are not happy with the current bid, through another account (a family member, friend or a second account) will place a bid on their own item with the intent to artificially increase its price or desirability This will raise the price or will insure the item doesnt sell for less they want. It's illegal and chances of going to jail or fine is very high if caught.!!

Not Paying to Seller : This is where buyer don't pay to seller by increasing price. This is because of either shill bidding or some collectors just want to raise price so they can increase their value.

Second Chance offer : Seller will give second chance to 2nd bidder (Loser) after winner don't pay, because winner is a shill bid.!!

Forgery material : It's very easy to make a forgery material, just by printing register label, making circular rubber stamp of post office (or stealing or bribing) and applying to old cover after removing stamps from it so you have a receiving cancellation also or that might be forged too.!!

Bogus : Never exist philatelic material such as specimen stamps or special cancellation. Then it's glorified by some friends will exhibit in their handbook or magazine or blog  or stamp exhibition.

False Propaganda : Just write good things in philatelic blogs - website - stamp exhibition - handbook - yearbook - newsletter - stampforum - stampboards or talk good in philatelic seminar or newspaper article about certain stamps and it's return on investment in couple of years.!!

Now you decide what whether following are correct pricing.!!

I hope so because of I am eBay shareholder and my stock value depends on this.!!

$47000 from just following 4 rare china stamp auction.!!

$40000 from following 5 auction of rare china stamps !!

$22000 from four rare china stamp auction.!!

Now do you think this is correct stamps price of china.?

It's up to you to decide.!!


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