King George Stamps - KGV stamps - India GEOV stamps - YOU WILL GET REPLICA stamps instead of genuine stamps.!!

Even stamp collection is declining King George stamps are selling at high price with multiple bidders.!! 

But don't you think Forgery or Copies are selling instead of genuine because it will be very hard for some to keep mint stamp of high value stamp 25 rupees or 15 rupees King George or GEOV stamps.

Following are forgery or replica or copies of King George Stamps - KGV stamps - India  GEOV stamps. 

If seller don't mentioned this as a forgery stamps then we will not even think about it.!!

Now someone can sell this stamp as genuine stamp by increasing price by SHILL Bidding or not paying to seller.

You can make lot of money by selling replica stamps as genuine. If you buy this for $5 and do some shill bidding than you can make $50 - $200.!! 

Only thing is you need a buyer who is willing to buy this other wise you have to cancel the deal on eBay so you don't have to pay commission to eBay.

Following are some of the India GEOV or King George stamps from India were sold by eBay seller "anglo-indian-affairs"

Don't you think GEOV does not make sense.!!

But still this nine auction got eBay seller "anglo-indian-affairs" around $1700 -1800 with average of 15 bids per King George Stamps - KGV stamps - India  GEOV stamps.!

So eBay shareholders will be richer from this kind of sale.!!(Disclosure : I am eBay shareholder).

Do you really think following PRICES are correct price and we can depend on this as valuation of our stamps?

I don't think this are correct valuation because chances of SHILL bidding(friend or other family member bidding on this) and some of them did not even pay to seller if it's not SHILL bidding.

So don't think it's correct pricing.!!

Also it will be very hard to find MINT stamps of high value because no one had 25 Rupees to keep in stamps.!! except you are from Royal family collector.!!

And here you will find 130 Rupees stamps from one seller only !!!

Do you think anyone has that kind of money in 1913 or 1930 just to invest in stamps which is nothing but piece of paper which will get damaged in 100 years after travelling to different places in different weather and also pass along 2 world wars and other natural calamities.!! 

My personal opinion about 25r Orange & Blue or 15 r Blue & Olive   King George Stamps - KGV stamps - India  GEOV stamps is not good for collection.

Chances of getting CHEATED will be very high as you might get REPLICA or COPY.


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  1. Wow .. such a great collection of stamps .. amazing ...



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