50th Anniversary USA Champions of Liberty Mahatma Gandhi Stamp

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Now I am moving away from FAKE Gandhi Philatelic material and writing about 50th Anniversary of world's 5th Gandhi Stamp and 2nd country in world to issue this stamp.

USA was 2nd country in world to issue Mahatma Gandhi stamp after India. On January 26th 1961 USA issued 120 million 4 cents stamp & 40 million 8 cents honoring Mahatma Gandhi with other Champions of Liberty series stamps.

On January 26th 2011, it was 50th Anniversary of USA Gandhi Stamp.

Because of large quantity you will see this stamps on lot of used covers such as Missile launch, Navy covers, Army covers, Airport opening, FFC etc which makes it very interesting for collectors. Also sometimes you can find this stamps on Paquebot covers, RPO etc.

Mahatma Gandhi 4 Cents stamp block:

Mahatma Gandhi 8 Cents stamp block:




Ceremony Folder

Unofficial Souvenir Sheet

I know lot of collectors forgot about this event. But I did not.!!

Wait to see my REAL/Genuine/Authentic work.!!

Gandhi Stamps Club

Update:- Click this link to see 50th Anniversary USA Champions of Liberty Mahatma Gandhi Stamp.

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